Trillyum Consultants

Over the past decades, the Indian life sciences sector has witnessed exponential growth both in terms of business and deepening of capabilities across the industry value chain. One of the key challenges the sector faces is the need for a strong collaboration between life sciences and healthcare companies not just on products but also on solutions and services , to help meet the demand-supply mismatch. The need of the hour is for the product models to be complemented with service-oriented models
In the era of rapidly changing regulations and, more than ever, increased focus on pharmaceutical and healthcare services lined with scrutiny, global compliance waves and consumer centricity, Trillyum offers Pharmaceutical and life sciences  companies and medical device manufacturers, services catered to improving their cGMP Compliance, productivity , business agility, reduced time-cost pressures and adherence to regulatory compliance. We engage with life science organisations on their process management, effectiveness, and maturity journeys. We are trusted consulting partners on managing their business transformation, compliance, regulatory, and learning needs. Our advisory services leverage our deep knowledge in life sciences and our methodologies to manage complex process and quality  issues, CGMP compliance Quality systems , Policies and procedures , people management and Continuous education activities. We are here to enable you to leverage new growth opportunities, enhance your value proposition and help your business to achieve sustained profitability and growth.